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making sense of the food world & connecting us to what we all love

Food draws people to create wonderful experiences

Who believes there's

" a little magic"

in every great meal?

If we said Whozcookn began from the aroma of some freshly cooked ingredients would you believe us?

Well it's not a complete stretch, but at the heart of it all you'll find our absolute love and passion for great food created by great people is definitely what drives us to cook up this vibrant and exciting community food marketplace. We wanted to create the necessary means to unearth hidden recipes and foods that live among us but yet to cross our path, a means for cooks to express themselves so they can share a piece of their identity, culture and passion with us the lucky ones. And most importantly, the means to create a more connected social community, that's you, me and everyone else.

For us the importance of creating a food community for illustrating just how great food can actually add so much value and enrich us all was something that we just had to pursue with an obligation to not just make it known but to make "good food easy" on all levels, really, it's about time for a little continuity!

Where did it start?

Whether you're a passionate cook at home, a food trader or just love trying new and wonderful flavours shared with loved ones simply let Whozcookn assist and help guide the way forward in your own personal food journey.

- Benefits for consumers, traders and our communities is paramount

- Establish benchmarks for a higher quality and larger variety of food

- Our aim is to improve continuity within the food industry and our communities

What does Whozcookn look like?


So who are we connected to?

We invite any support in building one of the largest and most connected Community Food Marketplaces .


Why not be a part of something special?

It's really very simple, host a breakfast, lunch, dinner or other catered event and we'll hook you up with the best quality local food and produce wherever you like, thanks to our hand-picked food traders.

by local food traders

What's this all about?

Where people eat delicious food, food traders expand their customer base, benefiting our communities in the process.

Community Table

Great if you believe in supporting local business, want to contribute to our many affiliated charities and enjoy fabulous food, all in the one sitting. Yes, it's that easy!

social enterprise

- Highest quality foods at affordable prices catered on or off-site

- Continuous contributions to charities and communities

- Exposure, new customers & reliable income for local food traders

How does Community Table work?

Could be time to get involved?

Earlier this year we created a Community Table breakfast for the opening of the Casey Council Innovation Summit event featuring TEDx Casey.

Two large tables filled with eager attendees helped themselves to a colourful display of tasty treats freshly served by our Whozcookn volunteers with speeches from the honuorable mayor Amanda Stapledon and our philanthropic partner Casey Cardinia Foundation.

How has Community Table helped lately?

Purpose of the breakfast was to raise money for those affected by the Gippsland bush fires with representatives from the CFA who attended. A great outcome with two thousand dollars raised and donated to a deserving cause.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for what Whozcookn Community Table can do, with intentions to scale to further assist and support the very communities we live in. 

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner event? Eat to make a difference.

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